One thing I know is that I appreciate it when people share great resources with me! Therefore, I have always tried to be a wealth of great resources to share with others. Last week I was asked to speak in the Media Tech department at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. I was asked to share and walk through several great online resources that I know and use. I was totally excited because this is something that I am passionate about! So, today was the day! I shared the following resources with these students and I believe that these resources will be great tools for the future organization and productivity of these students. Maybe they will help you too!

I will share each resource, a short description, and then some will have an added example of their amazingness. You can also click on the word to access a link on the resource.



     Google Calendar – Online Calendar, Edit, Share, and Import from anywhere.

     Todo (David Allen: Getting Things Done) Productivity and Task Management

     Toodledo – Online Web Based Productivity Synchronization with Todo

Data Management

     Google Drive – Google Drive is a web resource which allows you to create, store, share, and collaborate on documents and projects with other people.

     Dropbox - Dropbox is the most popular online data management resource. Save your files online, access it anywhere, at anytime.

     LogMeIn - Access your Computer Desktop From Any Computer or Mobile Device – Free Screen Sharing and online meetings

     Feedly – Read and search daily articles and blogs on specific topics of interest.

     Evernote - Personal Paperless System, an incredibly searchable reference system for all documents, receipts, projects, and more.

          This program has many features, one worth mentioning is the photo text recognition. If you take pictures of all your receipts, it recognizes the text and allows you to search everything, even photos. So at the end of the year if you want to see how much money you spent at Home Depot, simply take pics of your receipts and then search the word: Home Depot, and every receipt will be displayed.


     Prezi - Creative Presentation Design Website

          Wonderfully creative presentation program, sure to impress any audience.


     Trumpia - Group text messages with your own short code for others to sign up with.

          Get your own text short code and communicate to anyone who texts your keyword to your short number         (i.e. text “hello” to #65804)

     iContact - Group email software.

     GroupMe - Group Communication Application (Operates with Mobile App & Texting)

          Great for keeping in touch with a small group or care group leaders.

Web/Blog Design - Easy and Simple Blog Creation Site. – Flexible and Advanced Website Creation Site.

Graphic Design

     Creation Swap - Christian Site for graphic design and lots of free media.

     Google Images - “Search Similar Images”

          Everyone knows of google images, but search similar images is an incredible newer search capability with limitless potential

     Open Resources - Free Church Resources for graphics, media, notes, outlines, and more.

Other Resources

     Amazon Books - Great resource for purchasing, reading, and researching books.

     Google Reader – Search a book for content, or search all books based on subject.

          Incredible for searching and researching topics for research papers.

    eTurabian – Fast and Easy Footnotes and Bibliography.

          Never type your own footnotes and/or bibliography again!

     Audible - Listen to books that you have not had time to read. Great for long car rides.

          Don’t have time to read everything you need to? Listen to them while you run, while you drive, and any other chance you get.

     Techsoup – Cheap Mainstream Software for Non-profits.

          This is an incredible resource where non-profit organizations can purchase expensive software for pennies on the dollar. (Microsoft Word, Windows, Adobe CS packages)

Mobile Apps

     Notability - App for taking notes, or making notes on documents. Great for signing things and emailing back without printing, scanning, and/or faxing.

          I use this to sign and send any documents that need to be signed. Much of my closing on my house was signed by using this app. Easy to open an email, sign a doc, and send it back.

     Scripture Typer / Bible Memory - Incredible Scripture Memory App.

          Get back into scripture memory, this is a great tool. Makes scripture memory consistent and enjoyable.

     GeoQpons – Coupons and Discounts and Thousands of Stores and Restaurants. (My Wife’s Favorite)

           My wife finds deals all the time on stores restaurants and more. Saves us hundreds of dollars at places we were going anyway. Just show the coupon on your mobile device and most will accept it.



Well, that is the most recent resources that I have used. What are some of the resources that you use? Thanks for sharing!